We are Moving along and so is the New Year – 2021!

As promised, I have been walking through the village of Marigot and enjoying the sceneries, while talking with villagers and enjoying the fresh breeze. I invite you to share some of my photos, which might be recognizable to you and others. For those who have never been to Dominica, I invite you to familiarize yourself with sceneries which might be helpful to you if you decide to visit the nature isle.

The weather on the nature isle has been sunny and bright, yet short rain showers with cooling temperatures, especially in the evening hours. Everything is green, healthy and blooming. Most mango trees are covered with fresh and brilliant looking flowers. It is hard to imagine we will be eating mangoes in abundance in just a few weeks. I can hardly wait. This year, my thoughts are not only on eating mangoes, but making special mango products, which can be bottled, canned or sealed in plastic bags to be used at a later date.

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